A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Release date: March 18, 2017


There's a good chance you're going to run into an error. Please download this directly from the webpage instead of the launcher until I find a fix for this problem - Puke


Please read through these before opening your game!
Make sure you are comfortable with the themes before playing.

Do not download if you're underage.

Picture Picture

All art, story and characters © Gurobob and  Electricpuke
All rights reserved.

Published Dec 03, 2016
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Release date Mar 18, 2017
TagsGore, horrorporn, murdersim, nsfw, rape
Average sessionA few seconds

Install instructions


"Help! My Game isn't working!"
Be sure to download the game version for your operating system! [ Windows/Linux or Mac ] Once you've downloaded the game, you'll have a .zip file.
To open a zipped folder, double-click on it.
Windows Help:

  • If you're using a Windows computer, you may need software to open a .zip file [ however, most Windows operating systems have this built in ]. If you don't have WinZip, here are some other options.
  • Once you've opened your .zip file, simply click the Boyfriend To Death 2: Fresh Blood.exe!
  • If you're using ANY antivirus, you may have to disable it to play the game. Most Anti-viruses has an issue with the Renpy engine.

Below you can see examples of what to look at while you're extracting your files.

  • Drag this whole folder from the zip onto your desktop.
  • If you are missing your EXE it's from a failed extraction. You can re-extract from the folder BUT, you might get this error.


  • If you happen to get this error, click the check box for "Do this for all current items" then press skip. This should give you the EXE.

Mac Help:

  • If you're using a Mac computer, simply double-click your .zip file to open the game folder.
  • Click the Boyfriend To Death 2: Fresh Blood.app to play!
  • if you're using a newer version of the Mac operating system [ like Sierra ] it may give you trouble when you're opening the game.


If this is the error you're getting, you'll need to tell your Mac that the game is okay.

The short way around this is to right click the .app file [ or ctrl+click ] then choose 'open' at the top of the list. This will show you the same error- but now with the option to just open it and play.



Boyfriend_To_Death_2_Fresh_Blood-mac.zip 226 MB
Boyfriend_To_Death_2_Fresh_Blood-pc.zip 241 MB
Boyfriend_To_Death_2_Fresh_Blood-mac-Sierra.dmg 225 MB
BoyfriendtoDeath2FreshBlood-1.0-release.apk 280 MB


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Having trouble opening on chromebook?

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Don't spam please. It doesn't work on  Chromebook. Only windows PC and Mac.

Thank so much for the help! (Sorry for spamming 😰)


There is an issue when extracting the exe file. after it has finished extracting it always comes up with this

And because of this when I try to then play the game it comes up with


I'm having the same issue :(

i completed the game, but i can't access the extras because audio #9 and #11 in vincent's route doesn't unlock for me, even though i've played the ending which had them multiple times. i'm assuming it's a glitch. i've already tried deleting the game and redownloading to restart, but it just gives me the same, completed, save data. is there any way i can fix the glitch, or at least reset the game??

I beat the game and i really loved it <3 it was great, thank u sm for making it!

Even though i beat the game, i'm still missing 2 pictures of Law's CG Galerie. I replayed the ending where i'm supposed to get the pictures severel times, but when i look into the CG Galerie again, they're still missing. I dont know what i should do, since because of that, i can't get access to the bonus stuff ;-;


this happened to me except it won't let me get two of vincent's music things. : (


damn vicent I don't know how to beat his little pat without him either killing me or Vincent killing me . any ideas?


this game is beautiful

Thank you! <3


i'm having the same problem with the can not execute C:\Users\****_000\ etc. is it missing? i executed it already but i actually had this problem when i tried to download the first BTD and havent been able to fix it yet aswell as doki doki literature club and i'm not sure how to fic it

i need more information than that. I need screen shots

First and foremost, thank you for the BTD games, I'm currently playing the first one and I'm absolutely enjoying it.
Unfortunately, I can't seem to be able to play this one, I think I'm having troubles with the download because I've tried multiple times, but everytime it saves on my computer the actual game is missing, as in there is no  executable file.

In the BTD2_ folder there is an .exe file but it doesn't work, and gives me this error:

Is there a way I could fix it or should I just lay down and sulk for a bit? hahah
Anyhow, thank you for any help you may give!

Did you extract it? If so Did you run into any errors while extracting?

It looks like your downloading it right and it has all the files in there.. but, im not sure what's happening to your EXE. Is your antivirus blocking it maybe?


Thank you for responding.
Yes, I did extract it and no, i've not run into any errors while downloading or extracting.
I even verified if the zip had the .exe and just didn't put it in the extracted folder, but nothing.
About the antivirus, I don't have one running on the computer. I suppose the game just doesn't want to be played at this point. :P
Thank you again for your response.

Weird. I can try to host it for you off Itch.io and see if that works if you like


Thank you so much for your help, but I really don't want to bother.
I think my computer is the problem and I don't want to make you waste anymore time with my silly issue.
You've been very kind helping me, thank you again!


I'm getting the same problem too :(

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...huh... I don't really know what to do at this point either. I can't tell what went wrong...

i figured out the problem to this problem Electricpuke#1805 , please message me on discord


I have a question...
I downloaded the game and bypassed the files it said it could not run, but it seems that I'm missing content. I'm currently in the process of redownloading but how can I redownload files to gain all of the content I'm missing? I am missing things such as being able to answer the phone in Cain's play to talk with Damien, Pick up the gun in Vincent's home, etc. Thanks!

Never heard of this problem before. All I can say is redownload it.

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I'm a bit confused about where and what files to extract. I think there are supposed to be pictures on this help page but above each set of instructions it simply states 'picture'. Idk if it's something on my end but it's a bit confusing.

When I try to launch the .exe I get an error message and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. 

I need to see what you're doing, I can't help you without screencaps.

Error Message: 

    Cannot execute "C:\Users\Sarah\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$EXa4736.39345\Boyfriend_To_Death_2_Fresh_Blood-pc\Boyfriend To Death 2: Fresh Blood.exe"

Sorry I've never used this website's comment section and didn't even realize I could upload screencaps lmao.

"C:\Users\Sarah\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$EXa4736.39345\Boyfriend_To_Death_2_Fresh_Blood-pc\Boyfriend To Death 2: Fresh Blood.exe"

You see how it says local\temp\ In there? That means you didn't  download it completely. You have to save it to your computer.

(Sorry this is a screen cap from tddup but it's the same concept.)

Do not just open with at this point. You have to save file. It should go to your download folder, then you extract it from there. 

This black area I'm draggin the file to is the desktop space. 


Oh weird okay. Thank you!

i downloaded the game but the exe says "Cannot execute exe." Is there another way??? also amazing job on the first game! ^^

I can't help you with this, it's not enough information. I need screen caps and step by step of what you're doing.

fixed it. i didn't put the file on the desktop so the exe didn't work

I played the game first when it initially came out, and it worked nicely! But now I'm trying to re-install the game and its telling me "Action cannot be executed", is there another download file we're suppose to be using? Also, I love your work, keep it up !<3

I'm not sure what you're doing to get this Error. Please post step by step what you're doing and I'll be able to help you.

First: Thanks for making a second game. In the first one there is only Rire I could play more then once after trying all 3 and taking a sneak of all possible death when I got my Sano-End. It gave me an unexpected  rough night and I decided it was for the best to see if it's just that one path or if skipping him would be healthier (Play save, people out there!).  He's just too much for me to handle and Strade... well I might give him later another try. 

My problem is that I can't download this game. I'm using windows , it starts all  well and then it tells me it's "Forbiden", that I "don't have permission to download this file from the server." and "go to the website where the file is hosted. Check if you need to sign in (or provide some other authentication). If you can't sign in, contact the website or server owner, or try finding the file on a different site." I would really like to play with the new guys (especially Vincent and Ren)

Thank you for your time and the love you invested in these games

(Sorry for the long text, I tend to write too much when I'm excited^^')

I think that might be an Itch.io problem. Try downloading it again now and see if that works. If not then message again and I'll host a direct download for you.

Thanks for the fast replay. I tried and again nothing, same with TTDUP. It's very likely that there is a problem with itch.io since I a few other games gave me an identical message. So a direct link would be more then appreciate

Deleted post

They do! Thank you so much. The file let me unzip it with a few errors, but till now BTD works just fine. My compliment to Cain's bedroom design :)

Would it be okay to share them with friends in case that itch.io doesn't work for them either? I think I've got 3-5 into the first one

I'm not super comfortable with you sharing these links. Itch.io should be working, otherwise they're gonna have to come to me directly about getting the links themselves.

Excuse me, I still need help. I downloaded the game(the correct version for my system) and even precede every single step of the instruction(TWICE), deleted and re-downloaded and repeated the "ritual", even tried to play the game without extracting the files(and I tried on the BTD1 to see if it would work, and it DID), but the game did not executed. What else can I do to make it work?